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European Union Funding

Project: Modern castle research and presentation  

Castles as direct proof of medieval history and culture have at all times fascinated both young and old. In culture tourism they provide important experiences of high educational value. Dwindling financial resources increasingly threaten the conservation of this outstanding type of historical monuments. As a result of lack of money scientific documentation is increasingly seen to be an annoying and unnecessary cost factor. All financial resources are used for the restoration and above all the utilisation of such buildings.

This project wishes to prove that science can be an elementary module in the attractive development and manifold marketing of historic buildings. For this reason an important aim of the project is the professional compilation and safeguarding of the buildings in question according to the most modern knowledge in the field of historical construction. This includes the accurate documentation of the historical buildings conserved. With this information reconstructions (virtual or as models) of former buildings can be produced, enriched and safeguarded by the comprehensive evaluation of historical documents and illustrations.

Apart from this the valuable information collected would enable sensitive reconstructions of the buildings in question.
The results will be presented on information boards, in the internet, at specialist conferences, in flyers and in the course of a Castle Trail (Marksburg) as well as in castle guide books and brochures. This provides a broad information forum, not just for professionals but also for the general public. Ultimately the aim is to stimulate local tourism and to strengthen “culture” as an economic factor throughout Europe by imparting general knowledge about castles and the middle Ages, in a reliable, exciting, and also at the same time, comprehensible form.
Four castle complexes have been selected for exemplary purposes for this project, three of which belong to the UNESCO World Heritage or World Cultural Heritage respectively.

The Partners of the project are:

Aggstein in Austia (AT)

Castle of Schönbühel Aggstein AG, A-3392 Schönbühel, Austria
Institut für Realienkunde des Mittelalters und der Frühen Neuzeit, A-3500 Krems, Austria
Büro für Burgenforschung Dr. Joachim Zeune, D-87637 Eisenberg/Zell

Krivoklat in Bohemia (CZ)
Archéologicky ustav AV CR, CZ-11801 Praha, Czech Republic
Burg Krivoklat, CZ - 270 23 Křivoklát, Czech Republic

Marksburg in Germany (D)
Deutsche Burgenvereinigung e.V., Marksburg, D-56338 Braubach
Das Europäisches Burgeninstitut, Einrichtung der Deutschen Burgenvereinigung,
D-56338 Braubach.
Büro für Burgenforschung Dr. Joachim Zeune, D-87637 Eisenberg/Zell

Vianden in Luxemburg (LUX)
Amis du Château de Vianden a.s.b.l., L-9401 Vianden, LUX
Service des Sites et Monuments nationaux, L-2160 Luxemburg

Thanks to comprehensive EU funding it has been possible to complete the project in 2006. Castles are direct proof of medieval history. They are outstanding cultural objects and transmitters of history and they not only, help us to understand the past but also significantly influence national, regional and local identity awareness and distinctively shape the landscape.

The highest level of medieval standards of knowledge and culture in Europe manifest themselves in their walls. Increasing dereliction threatens to force this European cultural heritage into the background or even cause it to disappear completely.