Image Databases

Slide Library

Of the 20,000 or so slides on European castles in the EBI’s stock, 13,500 are currently searchable via a special computer program and 10,000 of these have been digitised.
The majority of the slide library has been donated to the EBI by members or left in their wills.
The slide library is constantly growing through legacies and individual donations and provides a valuable source of picture material for talks, lectures and publications.

Collections of drawings and postcards
postcardsAlongside written sources and archaeological evidence, historical images are a very important source of information for castle research. The drawings and postcards collections, amounting to over 50,000 items largely thanks to a generous donation by Baron Fürstenberg, are therefore a valuable resource of the EBI, and this was recognised by the founders of the DBV in 1899 when they stated in the Articles of Association that collections of picture material, books objets d’art and archives should be established as a means of achieving the association’s objectives.