Events, Conferences and Seminars

The EBI regularly organises seminars, conferences and colloquia for the exchange of information on castellology and to encourage a new generation of researchers.

Vorführung des Vereins 1476 - Städtisches Aufgebot e.V. auf der Burg Kronberg anlässlich der Tagung "Die Burg im 15. Jahrhundert" Foto: Wagner (2009)







Castle seminars, held annually in May, bring specialist topics on castles to the attention of a wider public. To date there have been almost 40.
In addition, the annual seminars on castellology run by Dr Joachim Zeune deal with mostly practical aspects of monument conservation. They are mainly, but not exclusively, directed at young people, who can also present the results of their research to the public in the biennial Youth Forums.
Young researchers in the field may also find professional opportunities opening up through participation in events and the possibility of publishing their research in ‘Burgen und Schlösser’ journal.
Every two years the Academic Advisory Council holds a colloquium dealing with a specific topic. Two examples are ‘The use of wood in castle architecture’ and ‘Everyday life in mediaeval castles’.
The EBI also holds interdisciplinary events bringing together institutions working in other fields.